COVID-19 Response

The Autumn Trace Family: Your Family is Our Family

On New Year’s Eve, 2019, no one could have imagined what was in store for all of us in 2020. Across the State of Indiana and across the nation, families, friends, businesses, and other organizations have taken the necessary steps and put measures to protect the more vulnerable individuals in our population from a previously unknown virus and adjusted to a new environment for the foreseeable future.

In March of 2020, under the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, as well as those of local and state health authorities, Autumn Trace implemented a comprehensive plan for the safety of our treasured residents, their families and loved ones, and our staff. While this public health concern is still on-going, we are proud of our efforts to this date, having subdued infections within our senior communities to only three positive test results across all seven of our open and operating locations.

Autumn Trace Senior Communities have continued to provide our residents with an increasingly important atmosphere of safety, well-being, and fellowship. If you or a loved one is longing for a more social, yet secure and safe day-to-day lifestyle, we hope you will contact the Autumn Trace community nearest to you to find out the many benefits of our setting and the many ways we can help. We are committed to continuing to allow new residents to move into each of our communities and have protective measures in place to do so in a safe manner.

Proactive, Not Reactive: The Comprehensive Plan of Autumn Trace

At Autumn Trace, we pride ourselves on designing a unique plan of care for each individual who chooses us as his or her new home. In the same manner, we continue to monitor and communicate with local health officials in each area of Indiana and tailor our safeguards for that specific community. However, certain parts of our plan remain universal.

Specifically, every person (including employees) who enters the doors at any of our communities takes part in a screening process. This includes the checking and recording of temperatures and responses to screening questions that help our Wellness Nurse understand each individual’s level of risk. Further, by documenting all of those who visit our communities, we allow ourselves the ability to perform contact tracing if needed.

Management and staff members continue to wear masks at all times while working. Extra attention continues to be paid to housekeeping efforts, especially on commonly touched surfaces. We’ve stressed to residents the importance of leaving the community as little as possible, wearing a mask at all times if they do choose to go for an outing, and ensuring that any resident who leaves continues wearing his or her mask for two weeks upon return. All staff has been trained to watch for symptoms of the virus and plans are in place for when to test and quarantine residents and staff, should a positive test result be returned. The few times we have had a resident or staff person test positive, we have implemented daily temperature and oxygen level checks for all residents to ensure the most timely discovery possible for additional cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most commonly asked questions we’ve heard is whether we are able to have new residents move in during this time. Our answer is a resounding “Yes!” With Autumn Trace being a place where seniors can come for social interaction, exercise, worry-free living, and a more enticing dining experience, we certainly understand why this public health concern would cause many to reconsider staying at home. Built into our comprehensive plan are protective measures to maintain safety for our residents and new arrivals during the moving process. If you or a loved one is ready to move in and begin your Autumn Trace Experience, we encourage you to contact the Executive Director at your most desired location to learn how. Contact information for each Executive Director can be found under the Contact tab and under the Locations tab.

This is the most involved question we currently face. As explained above, our senior communities are located in different areas with unique situations regarding the pandemic. Therefore, our ability to allow visitors safely changes from one location to the next. Further, it may change at any building from week to week.

In the very early stages of our State’s response, all visitation was suspended indefinitely. As our State re-opened months ago, we followed State health officials’ guidance for the resumption of visitors step-by-step. In communities showing lower levels of the community spread of the virus, we are proud to allow visitors without appointments during business hours. We merely ask the visitors to participate in a normal screening at the front door, wear a mask the entire time they visit, social distance as much as possible, and proceed directly to their loved one’s suite upon entering. Once they have spent some time with their loved one and exited the community, our staff ensures proper cleaning of all surfaces that may have been touched in the halls and the resident’s suite.

Some Autumn Trace locations may have to restrict visitation to locations outside of the building and by appointment, due to a higher level of risk in that area. On the rare occasion that we learn of a resident or staff person who tests positive for the virus, we do have to suspend all visitation for a period of fourteen days to allow time for our staff and management to perform additional cleaning and to watch for any other persons who may begin to show symptoms.

At Autumn Trace, we have educated our residents, their families, and their physicians that we are more than willing to assist them to request a test for this virus in any way possible. Whether that is by scheduling an appointment for them or transporting them to a test site, we are proud to help residents largely remaining inside our communities, and having avoided any significant outbreaks amount our residents and staff, we have not experienced a need for mass testing to be performed.

We do encourage a test to be conducted for residents who seem to show symptoms of COVID-19 or for them to quarantine in their private suite for fourteen days or until symptoms cease. We strongly encourage new residents to submit to a test shortly before moving in but also offer the alternative of quarantining in their suite for fourteen days.

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